Friday, February 3, 2012

Five on Friday: Sounds I love

There are some sounds that physically make my skin crawl, sounds like snoring or alarm clocks, or nails on a chalkboard, those cause me physical pain. But there are some sounds that give me the feeling of pure joy, the sounds you wish you could hear when you are having a bad day or need some perspective.

Look at those leg rolls - Olivia was 2 in this photo

1) Laughter - specifically I love to listen to the girls laugh, Olivia's laugh turns my frown upside down with a quickness. It is contagious and it is straight from her belly, that girl knows how to laugh and I happen to think it is one of the greatest sounds on earth.

July 2009

2) Toddler Interaction - I can't get enough of the girls and their 2 and 4 year old conversations. They crack me up, and you bet your bottom dollar they are dead serious in their make believe land, their conversations are rather heated at times and other times they are jovial, but as long as they are not slugging each other, listening to them interact makes my heart soar.

3) The Ocean - it is just relaxing, isn't it? The waves crashing, the sound of the birds (and I usually loathe birds, all birds, actually), there is something that just puts me physically at ease when I can kick back and listen to the sounds of the Ocean.

4) Popping of a Champagne Cork - I think this one is more about the anticipation of what is to come once the cork is popped. I love me some Champagne, and the sound of the cork popping just gets me ready to celebrate, even if Brad is popping the cork to poor me a glass while I sit on the couch in my oh-so-comfy PINK Boyfriend Sweats,(highly recommend them despite the fact that I am too old for clothing that says PINK across my tush - frankly, too old for anything to be displayed on my tush).

Photo of the NMH Campus near my "House" (Parents House aka House I grew up in)

5) Crickets/Tree Frogs - this one is a bit strange - but these sounds remind me of home. They remind me of laying in bed at night with the windows open in the Spring or Summertime, just listening to crickets and tree frogs go to town. I can imagine these noises in isolation would drive me batty, but they bring me back to such a great time in my life, and the memories are so happy that, the sound just ends up creating a great physical and emotional reaction. Dork, I know, but good ol' Western Mass was a great place to grow up.

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