Friday, February 10, 2012

Five on Friday: Jewelry Loves & Wants

I am a rather large fan of jewelry, I like most of it, from the fun and colorful to the classic and preppy, you name it, I love it. (small lie, there are some pieces I see people rocking and I think to myself, who on God's Green Earth thought that was pretty enough to buy). And so I thought I would pick out the top 5 things I am loving right now in the wide world of jewelry. I could have gone nuts with this one, it was hard to pick just 5, but I contained myself, however it was NOT easy.
1) La Coco Rope Necklace - by Stella & Dot, this beauty is $59 and would spruce up and any outfit. I can imagine wearing it with Navy, Black, White, you name it, I think I could probably make it work and it would add a little cheer.

2) Tiffany Blue Rosette Bib Necklace - again, a very versatile piece, can be worn with almost any color under the sun, and could make a cute black dress fun and summery. And hold onto your seats, this beauty is only $18, and can be found on - I have hyper linked it for your shopping pleasure.

3) Two Peas in a Pod pendant - this one makes me a tad sad to think about, and I am not certain I am at a place where I am ready to have Brad purchase this one for me (like how I worked that in there, "have him purchase this for me" - ha!), because I am not 100% certain that our family is complete with two peas, but it is feeling more complete as the days go by, it still makes me sad.  I have seen these several places, but this one happens to be from etsy and is being sold for $56 buck-a-roos.

4) Diamond Flower Earrings - these fall on the classic side of my taste, the type of earrings you could rock every single day and still look put together and classy. These can be found at Zales, but I know I have seen them several other places too. 

5) Primrose Post Earrings - these are from Anthropologie, and I happen to adore them, just the right splash of color, not super plain, but not feathers hanging from my ears either. I happen to love "dangle" earrings on other people, I admire their ability to pull them off and shop for them, but I find myself to be a bad dangle shopper/wearer, I just can't do it. I have a few pairs, and I feel rebellious when I do whip them out and rock them, but I just feel like a fashion failure when I try, it just doesn't execute for me like it does for others, I need some lessons in dangle wearing...oh, and these beauties will set you back a cool $28. And I also love that they come in orange and green - check em' out. 

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Ash said...

Totally agree on the dangling earring them on other people, never feel confident about pulling them off...and hell to the no on feather earrings.

Love these primrose ones!!