Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Book Report: A Wedding in December

I have had this book on a shelf for what feels like years, and I had been stuck on page 37 for at least 2, now that my darling Avery gives me a good 60-90 minutes of reading most nights I figured it was about time that I finished this one up.  I ended up having to start over because it had been too long and I didn't want to miss some context that might be necessary to put the rest of the story together.

A Wedding in December by Anita Shreve (don't forget, Bargain Pricing on Amazon right now, only $5.98) is a well written story about a group of forty-somethings who reunite at an inn in Western Massachusettes (holla!) for a classmates wedding.  Many of them had not seen each other in 27 years.  It hits home a bit considering my 15 year high school reunion is scheduled for Labor Day, also in Western Massachusettes and I missed our 10 year reunion because I was very pregnant with Olivia and couldn't travel, so I too haven't seen several of my classmates in a solid 15 years, (not quite 27, but you get the point).

I enjoyed this book, but note that I didn't say I loved it.  I had a hard time picturing the characters, at certain points I thought I had them figured out, a picture of them in my mind, and others I was starting from scratch again, so it was somewhat difficult to get into the story, I love creating an image of the characters so that it plays out in my head like a movie while I soak in the words on the pages. But with that said I am going to give this author another shot, (The Pilot's Wife) while I couldn't picture the characters physically, I did find myself getting to know them well, their voices were descriptive of their personalities and I came to count on certain characters for certain reactions and while I find myself attracted to chic-lit, this author makes me feel like an adult, and every now and then that is probably a good thing.

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