Monday, January 9, 2012

I love Fabric

Hi, my name is Leigh and I have a small obsession with fabric. There are a few challenges associated with said obsession...the first and largest being that I don't sew, so my ability to use the adored fabric is rather limited, but don't you fret, that doesn't hold me back from admiring it and dreaming about all the things I would like to do with the glorious fabrics.

I loved this pillow, the coloring is a bit off, it was a brighter blue and the red was bright as well, hold onto your is $188.
Saturday I went on a hunt for some fabric to recover two lamp shades for my Swag Light project and ended up just strolling the aisles of Williams & Sherrill dreaming about all the ways I could put some of the beautiful fabric to work in our humble abode. I tried a few other places, but found the best options at W & S, but their prices are hit or miss, I found a few options that were north of $60 a yard, I wanted to yell SHUT THE FRONT DOOR, but figured the nice sweet Southern Ladies that run the place wouldn't have appreciated that reaction.  Some are reasonable though, and if you are lucky and can find something that works in their outlet store you might find yourself doing the Rudy Huxtable dance like you just scored a touchdown.

I loved this one, I am thinking about infusing some gray into the Morning Room area and thought that this one might be fun for a cork board or something like that to add some color, yet also stay with the gray theme.

I have no Earthly idea what I would do with this crazy fabric, but I loved the colors together and figured that it was photo worthy...

I am thinking this one might be making an appearance in our home sooner rather than later, I love it, and it will go perfectly in our family room, maybe a pillow? Or hold onto your seats, could be a chair?

Here is another option for the family room, but I think I like the first one better, this one is a bit too dark, but maybe not a bad option to hide more dirt if I did go with a chair?

And this beauty is in the running for either chairs for our dining room or window treatments for our bedroom once I get around to doing something about our bedroom, or heck, maybe window treatments in the dining room instead of window treatments in our bedroom...the options are endless. Our Master Bathroom is already sporting this color, so I was hoping to pull it into our bedroom as well, not just on the crappy Riley approved bedding we are using these days.

And to answer the burning question..."Leigh, did you find any fabric for your Swag Project?" You bet your blog reading tush I was simple, boring, classy and on the remnants table for 50% off so I found myself spiking one in the end zone and breaking it down...I am about 50% of the way done with the Swag Lights, I hope to reveal this weekend!

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The B's said...

I want to marry that pillow.... Love it!