Thursday, January 26, 2012

Home Tour Tuesday on Thursday: Girls Bathroom

As you come up the stairs, you make a right and head straight down the hall and you enter the girls bathroom. It sure is bright in there, isn't it? I purposely chose a wall color that was gender neutral just in case we ended up having a third that didn't share the same "southern parts" as the first two...I figured all the accents were no regret decisions, but I wanted to keep the paint gender neutral.  I can't say that I am madly in love with it, but for now it does the trick.  I think as they grow I will tone it down a bit, but its bright and cheery and sometimes during bath time I need a little warm and sunny to keep my patience in check.

The room was done in the Fall of 2009, so I guess we will leave it as is for a little while longer (I don't really have a choice - Brad would NEVER agree to changing it, he seems to think paint is one of those things you do and never look back on - boy oh boy is he in for a rude awakening, I am itching to paint several areas of our home). 

Even if we don't end up changing this rooms color palate around for a few more years I do plan to frame in the mirror over the sinks. Right now it is still the large, plain contractor mirror and I have seen a lot of tutorials online that give me inspiration on how to frame it up and make it look all snazzy. I can't wait. That shouldn't be too difficult and should be pretty affordable, so maybe that will even make it on the Spring Project List (wait, I need to make one of those!)

The little hook/photo thing is a bit too low now, but it was perfect for their baby towels, the challenge is, moving it up requires a significant patch job, because it is basically bolted into the wall. Not sure why they make the hanging contraptions so difficult for something so simple, I guess they need to be prepared for you to hang your 35lb child from it and it needs to be secure enough to hold it (kidding of course)

Next Up for the Home Tour is likely the Guest Bedroom...Stay Tuned.

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Jeremy and Megan said...

what a cute bathroom! I'm a new follower of yours! Looking forward to catching up on your blog! :)