Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Home Tour Tuesday: Hallway Edition

I don't suspect this one is going to knock any ones socks off and frankly the photo quality is abysmal, I don't have an ounce of natural lighting since I am snapping these photos at 8:30pm, so bare with me.  I wanted to wrap up the first floor so that next week we could head upstairs, so this is a look into our hallways and foyer area.

Foyer Area 2005 - quite possibly the day we moved in, notice the box on the bottom right  

Going up the stairs - July 2005
We haven't made any radical changes to the hallways outside of adding some paint to the walls, which at this moment in time I would love to change, but of course since it was just completed about 2 years ago I can't imagine it will be changing anytime soon, especially since it is an open 2 story foyer, so it isn't a job we can tackle on our own.

This is the view when you walk in the front door of our house.  The bench houses the girls shoes, they each have their own basket and for the most part their shoes stay in their baskets, and then of course I dump my work bag and purse on or near the bench as well.

If I come in the front door and swing into the home office and look out into the foyer this is what I see. The same piece of furniture, the same coat rack, just about everything is the same, outside of the fact that my Grandmother's Christmas Cactus is now taking up residence on the sideboard table, it looks about the same.  The wreath is a holiday decoration that needs to come down, most of the year that mirror is empty.

Here is a view from the bench area, this gives you a look into the "nook" area and shows you the size of the wall.  I would love to add some bead board or board and batten on that wall and brighten it up a bit - it needs something. The little toy bucket of Riley's is look pretty pathetic right there, but just wait for a close up one of these days, it was a super quick (and cute) Silhouette project. 

Boring view of the landing as we go up the stairs...nothing too exiting is going to happen on this set of stairs or landing in the medium term, but I would love to pull up the carpet and finish the stairs, paint the banister white and freshen it all up just a bit, but I would have nightmares about the girls slipping down the stairs in their socks if they were wood, so until those nightmares lessen, the stairs will be staying just the way they are. 

And instead of going upstairs, you make your way towards the garage and the half bath you will find this hallway, with a small little welcome center, where the girls hang up their coats and we hang our keys. And don't forget the Dora Umbrella, that thing has been hanging there since the day Olivia got it, I don't know why I don't put it in the coat closet. (Which will be a post soon since I have a small project planned for it).

And this is the view if you are coming in the door from the garage - notice Riley's little tush made the photo. He was glued to me tonight, our little Velcro pooch. Adding board and batten in this hallway is a priority for 2012, it was on my 2011 list, but didn't happen, so it WILL happen this year. At a minimum we will be moving the girls hooks up and adding at least a piece of molding, taking down the "welcome center" and adding some white to this area, it is too dark for my liking, and the little memo board will likely be sprayed a pleasant shade of white.  If we do the board & batten high enough, I might tackle painting this area on my own to brighten it up a bit, I am over this dark putty color, too bad it is EVERYWHERE in our house. 

If you have any suggestions on how to brighten up the sideboard area or the hallways, please, let the ideas flow, I would love to hear all about them.  And I can imagine you now have an extra pair of socks on, because this post had the opposite affect of knocking them off, it was so boring you had time to read this and put another pair on - goodness gracious. Next week's Home Tour Tuesday Post will be a tad more interesting, but not much, as it will likely be our Guest Bedroom.

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