Friday, January 20, 2012

Five on Friday: Things I miss when I eat well

I started eating better again on January 2nd, with the rest of the free world, and I don't immediately feel better, in fact I end up just feeling bad for myself and missing the things that I have set out to not eat...but I know the feeling better piece is just around the corner, I need to stick with it...but until then, I thought I would share the top 5 things that I am missing right now...

1) Doritos - I couldn't love them more. I would marry them if I could. Nacho or Cool Ranch, doesn't matter to me, love them both, could eat them night or day, and by the truck full. 

2) Mexican Food - I could eat it day or night, I could eat it 7 days a week, I could eat a taco, an enchilada or a burrito, and of course I could eat my weight in chips & salsa and don't forget about the Guac.

3) Cheese & Crackers - and mass quantities of it. Big blocks of sharp cheddar paired with oodles of wheat thins...I could eat cheese and crackers for dinner, I love it that much.

4) Pizza - this is a family favorite and we were eating it probably once a week, maybe not quite that often, but the Turner family loves them some pizza. If given the choice I would sit down and eat a NY Style with Pepperoni and Mushroom and life would be good.

5) Ice Cream - this quite possibly is my favorite food. I eat it all year round, but during the summer months when Brad is traveling sometimes it is dinner for the girls and I. I love all flavors, soft serve too. And the Peanut Butter sauce from Friendly's is to die for!!

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Heather said...

Man, that has to be rough, you can do it though! :)