Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fevers, Coughs, Snots & The Flu

Well, so it goes, we are all sick...Olivia is still recovering from The Flu, I fell ill yesterday and Avery came home from school today at 11am with a fever of 101.  I immediately took her to the Ped, they tested her for everything under the sun (The Flu, RSV & Strep) and she was a big fat negative across the board. She appears to be feeling okay...and when we got to the Ped her fever was only 99.3 and we hadn't even given her Tylenol yet, so I am not sure how that happened. They asked me if she had had some water...she hadn't, but does that mean that water would have brought her fever down 2 degrees? Maybe, I clearly don't have MD after my name.

Brad is out of town, and my Mom came down with the crud today too, so its just me and the girls, powering through. Good thing we have Riley here to keep us company. Brad told him to "take care of the girls and be the man of the house" while he was gone and frankly I think that went to Riley's head, he has been barking a rather cocky bark all day, and barking far more than normal, so I am guessing he is taking his new responsibilities seriously.

The girls and I are watching Peter Pan right now, they are starting to get into movies a little more, usually their interest/attention span lasts about 20 minutes and tonight that was just about the time that they got up and wanted to color, but I am still enjoying Peter Pan in the background.  Animation really has come a long way, holy smokes this looks like it was created in 1911 compared to the stuff that is coming out now.

Speaking of not wanting to grow up...I can't believe that in just over a week, our little girl is going to be two years old. Part of me is amazed at how quickly the last two years have flown by and the other part of me can't believe she is ONLY two years old - HA. Very random, but I am fairly certain Avery is going to be a lefty...I know it isn't fully determined until they are older, but this child does EVERYTHING with her left hand. 

As soon as the girls heads hit the pillow/crib mattress I am making a bee line for the shower, I am going to turn it on full gorilla and scald myself, and then I am going to crawl into bed and hibernate until the littlest wakes me up tomorrow morning.

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