Monday, December 6, 2010

Olivia's Tree

This year I decided that it was time for Olivia to have her very own mini-Christmas Tree in her room, so I procured all the necessary items and hid them until it was time for the big surprise...My Mom was here, and she had Olivia downstairs, Avery was already in bed. I set the tree up and plugged in the lights, and it was just perfect. I called Olivia upstairs and had all the lights off in her room...she was very confused as to why I would be in her room with the lights off, but she soon figured it out with a huge wide open grin.

I hope to find some more cute mini ornaments, but for now she just has a set of fun colored balls and a few random smaller ornaments that were once on our family tree. When I was little, I had a cute little tree in my room that had the best mini Disney ornaments, I can still picture them to this day, I wish my Mom would have kept them, they were perfect!!

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