Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Day-Cacation...

Brad and I were both off today so we thought we would grab the bull by the horns and go to town on cleaning out the 3rd Floor Home Office and making the transition to the new Home Office on the first floor, what a project.  On several occasions Brad said "Do you think we are making any progress?", "Are you overwhelmed?". We managed to fill 3 HUGE trash bags with stuff and moved everything down to the first floor that is coming down...at least for now.  The new 4th Bedroom on the 3rd Floor still needs a lot of TLC. I can't believe how dirty the room looks now that its empty.  The walls are scratched up from all the wall art and the carpet is all dusty from the computer equipment, its kinda gross.  Our cleaning lady is going to love us next Wednesday...and did I mention that the shredder had to be emptied out about 4 times...?

We managed to knock most of it out by 12:30 and took a break for lunch and an afternoon movie. We dined at Don Pepe, our favorite local Mexican Restaurant and guess what...they messed up my order. I swear, it happens to me ALL the time...but the good news is...I love any and all Mexican so I didn't care, I still gobbled it right up. And then we set out to the movie theater and settled in to enjoy Marky Mark do his thing on the big screen in The Fighter...be still my beating heart, Marky Mark is one good looking man, a hunk in fact. He gets me all hot and bothered. HA.

I managed to cross off a few more small cleaning/organizing to-dos tonight while Brad and I watched TV, the list just keeps growing though, but I now realize that I won't get it all done and that's okay, I can leave some of it for MLK Day when I have the house to myself, but for now my goal is to get the girls play area cleaned up and get the new home office organized and drawers cleaned out.  My ultimate goal is to re-arrange the girls play area, but that would require some organizing supplies and I haven't the foggiest idea how I am going to do it, so that will be for another day.

Tomorrow night we are heading to the GardenFest of Lights at Lewis Ginter with The Koehler and Harris Families...everyone is looking forward to it.

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