Monday, December 6, 2010

Breakfast with Santa

We took the girls to Breakfast with Santa at St. Marks...and while the pancakes and syrup were delicious, the up close encounter with Santa was a complete bust...the girls were terrified of Jolly ol' St. Nick. I should also mention, Olivia had a MAJOR meltdown about wearing her Sweater Dress (see Avery's, they have the same one) she didn't wear it. Olivia is very particular about her clothing these days and during the week she dresses herself, but for special occasions I still like the control, and its a battle. I know deep down that it doesn't matter, that her being happy is what matters, but is a cute photo outfit too much to ask for around the Holidays? Jeesh.

How about Sisters that know how to love on each other...that is precious.

Like I mentioned before, the girls were scared of Santa, so I had to hold them while Brad shot a quick photo, please excuse how awful I look...seriously, I know people don't like getting their photo taken, but its getting to the point where I just don't think I could look any worse...what is wrong with me. Check out those bags under my eyes...good gracious.

Olivia at home...after breakfast.


maura said...

Your girls always have the absolute cutest clothes. Olivia might not have wanted to wear the sweater dress but she looks adorable in her little Christmas outfit!

Jeni said...

Adorable outfits Leigh!!