Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Some tid-bits

A few updates...

*My dear, and close friend April's husband Addison just got a new jobby job, we are so excited for him, not only does this mean he will be working more normal hours and have a somewhat normal life (as normal as it comes in the world of Accounting), it hopefully means that April can come out and play now that Addison will be home more. Congrats to Addison!! (and to April)

*Our close friend Rob and his wife, Gretchen are expecting their first little one on February 17th. G is winning the battle over whether to find out the gender or not, so it looks like we will be shopping for yellows and greens for the Ragsdale Family.

*Congrats to my hardest working friend Dana for having 97 jobs this school year...good lord, that girl has a work ethic like no other, I so admire her for all that she does, and the best part about it, I know she not only loves being a teacher, she happens to be GREAT at it.

*I booked my next trip to Manila, depart Richmond September 30th and arrive back in Richmond on October 7th. I don't have much of a choice with my travel dates, Brad has travel planned on either end of my trip so I can't leave until he gets back late on the 29th and he has to leave again early on the 8th, so there you have it isn't easy when both parents travel, god bless our parents for all they have done to help us out.

*My SIL, Shannon has been having some crazy contractions...think little Hambone will be making an appearance before his scheduled arrival of September 29th? And yes, I know his name is Heath, not Hambone...but I just can't help it.

*I bought Brad his Birthday Present today...yes, his Birthday is November 15th...but its perfect, I just know he is going to love it, and of course...its a surprise.

*The bathroom painter comes tomorrow night to take care of the Girls Bathroom, I can't wait to put it all together, look for pictures this weekend. We are going to have him quote us the blood stained areas where Riley has left his mark, but we aren't in a hurry to clean those up being that his ears could bust open at anytime and make an even bigger mess. Uck.

You would think I was pregnant with all this nesting energy I have burning inside of me, I keep telling myself I am just nesting for Molly since she too is entering the nesting phase...that must be it, because NO, I am not pregnant. But I do have a list a mile long of things I want to clean out, clean up and make pretty...

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The Bannister's said...

You are on the move sister! Carver has you jet setting around the world- just think of the miles you will earn. I know it is hard with you guys both traveling.
Ok, so I am totally with you on the nesting deal. I was up all night just thinking of the things I wanted to do next- and definitely we should lobby for a Container store in Richmond... love it!